The Jan van Eyck Academie is a post academic institute open for artists, designers, photographers, (landscape) architects, writers, critics and curators from all over the world.

- A residency at the Jan van Eyck Academie varies between 6 up to 12 months. You can start beginning of April 2018. By mutual agreement, the residency can commence at a later date

- 35 up to 40 spots are available each year

- Duo's or collectives can apply with 1 project proposal for 1 place at the Van Eyck (this also means sharing 1 studio and 1 stipend and sharing the enrolment fee)

- If you previously have been a resident at another post academic institute (Rijksakademie, De Ateliers) in the Netherlands, you can not apply for a work period at the Van Eyck

- The enrolment fee at the Van Eyck amounts to €2,750 at an annual basis. For stays that are shorter or longer than 12 months, pro rata amounts apply (so for example 6 months = €1,375)


Participants receive amongst others:

- a monthly stipend

-  a work budget

- advise by a group of advisors, consisting of experienced artists, designers, curators and art critics, who will make regular studio visits

- advise by different guest advisors who will make studio visits

- access to well-equipped Labs (wood and metal, print, photo, video and new media, and a library), run by experts in their discipline


Participants are expected to:

- engage, next to their work in the studio, in In-Labs and external projects

- to settle in Maastricht or direct surroundings during their stay at the Van Eyck Institute


Detailed info can be found here


Van Eyck Academie

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