Living Like an Artist

Living Like an Artist, reflects on the way of living, the social commitment and self-image of the senior professional artist. Senior artists on the whole do not retire, focus on transfer of knowledge to the younger generations and operate within an extensive social fabric. In short, their life style and their art practice can hold up a mirror to society. This long-term research project kicked off on 6 December 2013 with a seminar. In 2018 the Jan van Eyck offered three one-month working periods to artists, designers, writers and other makers, age 40 or above with no upper limit. The Like an Artist project formed part of a research study on talent development for mature artists, conducted in collaboration with Maastricht University. The provision of working places at the Van Eyck for mid-career and older artists was an important component of the study.

APG Group
Province of Limburg
Municipality of Maastricht
Elisabeth Strouven Foundation

Speakers seminar:
Joan Jeffri, director of the Research Center for Arts and Culture in Washington D.C.
Douwe Draaisma, psychologist/philosopher
Leo Delfgaauw, researcher at the lectureship Lifelong Learning in Music & Arts
Jan Jacobs Mulder (artist)
Ton Slits (artist)


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