17.01.17 – 16.03.17

FGFG — A Kitchen Debate

Kunstenaars, ontwerpers, critici, koks, activisten, spreken en tonen hun aanpak ten aanzien van voedsel(productie) op 17.01, 03.02, 16.03

‘FGFG—A Kitchen Debate’ examines two opposing views of organisation: vertical organisation, that of engineer Frank Gilbreth (FG1) who advocated ‘the scientific management of labour’; and the transversal, revolutionary organisation of the psychotherapist and philosopher, Félix Guattari (FG2). Via a programme of conferences-performances, we will focus specifically on a place that they both analysed at great length: the kitchen.

Artists, designers, critics, cooks, activists, etc. will be invited to demonstrate their approach to the issue of food and its production. On both the individual and collective level, as well as its relationship to the local and the global. The intention is neither to separate nor to prioritise theory over practice. In short, the aim is to present their philoso-food in favour of a new organisational ecology.

This initial series will comprise of three ‘Kitchen Debates’ that will be held at the Van Eyck:

Download the reader FGFG — A Kitchen Debate No.0

— 17 January, at 4 p.m., with the artist-and-architect duo Lee Castro (KR-BE) and their guests:

• David Bernstein (US)
• Huib Haye van der Werf (NL)
• Sol Archer (UK)


— 3 February, at 4 p.m., with the graphic designer Marco Balesteros (PT) and his guests:

• Imran Channa (PK)
• Mira Asriningtyas & Dito Yuwono (ID)
• Annabelle Shapals & Rowan Field (DE/UK)
• Joshua Ploeg (US)

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— 16 March 2017, at 4 p.m., with the artist Jessica Segall (US) and her guests:

• Stefan Demming (DE)
• Hiroshi McDonald Mori (US)
• Kim Darling & Sarah Rowe (US)


‘FGFG—A Kitchen Debate’

is a project organised by

KVM—Ju Hyun Lee & Ludovic Burel

and made possible with the support of

the Van Eyck, In-Lab 2017


Graphic design : Sarah Vadé




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