21.11.14 – 20.12.14


Abstract Geometry is an exhibition inspired by the development of the Fibonacci sequence in visual culture. Informing each featured artist’s work, the sequence appears in various manifestations, constant throughout, in a manner paradigmatic of Leonardo Fibonacci’s theorem, published in his 1202 landmark text, Liber Abaci. The text recounts the correlation between geometry and nature, leading to a shift in artistic practice, still evident today, in its similar link to the Golden Section, historically used by many artists as a visual tool.

Line is ‘the sole element of construction and creations… Line is trajectory, movement, collision. Attachment, slicing apart, joining.’ Line is ‘first and last in both painting and in any construction whatsoever.’ (A. Rodchenko, ‘The Line’ (1921), translated in Art Into Life: Russian Constructivism 1914-1932, Seattle 1990, pp.72-3.)

Bringing together the work of Vanessa Jackson, Rupert Newman and Vanessa Hodgkinson, whose works are concerned with the use of shape, colour and composition, and the sequences and relationship between such properties, Abstract Geometry is the result of the interrelation of mathematics, nature and art, focusing on how the past is present in contemporary abstract art. There will also be a site-specific light installation by Rupert Newman, running for the duration of the exhibition.

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