15.01.15 – 28.02.15

Eternel Retour

Stéphanie Saadé neemt deel aan Eternel Retour in Galerie Perception Park, Parijs, van 15  januari - 28 februari, een groepstentoonstelling met werk van Rodolphe Delaunay, Pascal Lièvre,  Mathieu Mercier Célia Nkala, Aldéric Trevel and Thomas Tronel-Gauthier.

Eternal Return reflects on its own form: the spiral movement of time folded on itself, while everything is being rebuilt. Every year, on its anniversary date, Perception Park questions what returns, what remains, what survives the passage of time. A cosmological vision inherited from Mesopotamia and ancient wisdoms, then raised by Nietzsche and Deleuze, the eternal return is less the image of a sterile return than that of a perpetual regeneration. The exhibition explores a creative repetition, timeless and anchored in the contemporary, through recent pieces with anachronistic references.


Van Eyck Academie

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