14.05.14 – 06.06.14

Exhibition DOMINIO, during II Bienal de Fotografía de Lima

Current Van Eyck participant, Blas Isasi Gutiérrez, shows in a duo-exhibition DOMINIO (Domain) with photographer Eduardo Hirose during II Bienal de Fotografía de Lima (II  Biennale of Photography Lima) from 14 May through 4 June at the Sala Luis Miroquesada Garland.

DOMINIO assumes landscape as a scenario where to read and interpret the traces of human activity, but from a different perspective. The project is centered in the Madre de Dios (Mother of God) Amazon region in Peru, which has suffered an enormous devastation due the uncontrolled gold mining in various of its river basins. It is a very complex socio-political scenario with many actors and victims involved, being the state the main blameworthy. In the work presented by Edi Hirose (1975) and Blas Isasi (1981), the traces of human activity in such a devastated landscape are made evident in a very subtle way. Such traces are covered by a veil of ambiguity that intend to make the spectator reflect not only on the specific problematic previously described but on humankind itself and its role as an exogenous agent or not within the natural order. It is then that our reading of the world becomes more complex transcending any Manichaean interpretation.

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