Feminist Curating

Reading Group: donderdag 8 februari om 18.00 uur, met speciale gast uit Wenen: curator Jade Biklai, directeur Blood Mountain Foundation. Locatie: Pierre Kemp / Therese Cornips Lab (bibliotheek)


The text Jade has selected is by Elke Krasny and you can find the link below. 

The text promotes feminist curating as an integral part of the independent curatorial movement to emerge in the late 1960s-70s in Western Europe and North America and examines its impact and practices in Central Eastern Europe today.

Pioneering examples are offered by the works of Lucy Lippard (US art critic), Ida Board (Yugoslav curator) and Valie Export (Austrian artist), whose projects at the time took place in small domestic settings around issues of labour relations. It argues that art institutions, riddled with the epoch’s systematic misogyny and racism, did not offer a platform for feminist issues and with the emergence of female artists, critics, cultural theorists and academics, conversations duly began to take place ‘outside’ the art world system.

Importantly, Krasny argues that feminist curating is a co-dependent, rather than independent practice, forging alliances with queer feminist identity politics and offers contemporary case-studies in the works of the post-Yugoslav curatorial collective, Red Min(e)d and Queering Yerevan, a queer and straight collective based in the the Republic of Armenia, a former province of the USSR. 

The text is ultimately an analysis of gender politics (not feminism exclusively) and a thoughtful overview of the changing curatorial landscape, which has forged permanent institutional sites (Elizabeth A. Sackler Centre for Feminist Art, Brooklyn Museum, New York) and temporary platforms (Van Eyck Reading Group) to discuss our issues. 

“Curating Materialism” is an evocative text from a dedicated issue of OnCurating, a web journal about curatorial practise and theory produced by the University of Zurich, that examines the topic of “Curating in Feminist Thought” from 17 unique perspectives. 


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Image: Valie Export. Aktionshose:Genitalpanik (Actionpants: Genital panic), 1968


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