MA-1. Mode und Uniform

Van Eyck adviseur, kunstenaar en schrijver Hans-Christian Dany brengt zijn nieuwe boek MA-1. Mode und Uniform (MA-1. Fashion and Uniform) op 5 september uit.

De book launch vindt plaats op 4 oktober om 20.30 uur bij pro qm in Berlijn.

»This book is actually about my favorite jacket.« Hans-Christian Dany

Jogging pants, bomber jacket, camouflage. Supreme, Yeezys, Off White, Vetements – whatever style is in the fashion spotlight is immediately devalued and forgotten about.Yet it is impossible to be against this fashion. Only the strongest souls can resist the gluttony to possess, to follow each new trend. You cannot be against fashion, because fashion doesn't actually exist. It constantly divides itself, multiplying its shallow personalities, and constantly morphs into something new.Those always in the know – who understand every emotion without ever having felt it – never stop bragging that they knew long ago that what is about to vanish was never more than a hyperbolical hype. The less cynical among us feel betrayed by their shiny piece that is suddenly no longer en vogue. And those insulted by life lament the self-absorption of the fashion victims that enjoyed the moment instead of them.And still, we cant' stop ourselves libidinously chasing its shiny surfaces. Its movements unite people, create communities and dissolve them again. Fashion is beautiful and ugly, impregnated by capitalism and at the same time is haunted by protest, always beginning and always ending, from uniform to fashion, from fashion to uniform.

Hans-Christian Dany 
MA-1. Mode und Uniform 
(MA-1. Fashion and Uniform)
192 pages, paperback 
Edition Nautilus


Van Eyck Academie

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