Padat Merayap / Congestion - a talk with Chuong-Dai Vo

On June 13, Chuong-Dai Vo, a researcher of modern and contemporary art in Southeast Asia, will talk about Asia Art Archive (AAA) and its research collections.

When: 15:30-17:00
Where: Matthias de Vrieshof 2, Room 002, Leiden University 

This talk will introduce Asia Art Archive and its research collections. The Hong Kong based, non-profit organisation was founded in 2000 to address the dearth of primary and secondary material for research on modern and contemporary art in Asia. Since 2010, AAA has been working with artists, art historians, curators, and writers to digitize their work and make it available to a wider public.
The research collections are valuable repositories of print, photographic, video and other types of materials for primary and secondary research on modern and contemporary art in Asia.
This talk will also discuss other aspects of AAA, such as exhibition-making and its public programmes.

is a researcher at Asia Art Archive. Her writing can be found in Afterall JournalSouthern Constellations: The Poetics of the Non­-AlignedTaipei Fine Arts Museum’s Modern QuarterlyJournal of Vietnamese Studies, and revues culturelles (forthcoming).

This talk is organised in the context of the Padat Merayap / Congestion In-Lab 2018/2019 initiated by Van Eyck participant Riksa Afiaty with Karoline Swiezynski.
This long-run series consists of 11 talks with speakers from a multidisciplinary and diverse background, who have developed in their work a variety of practices to discuss and develop strategies, scenarios, models, critical visualisations and commentaries that deal with the discourse of decolonialisation.

The series is divided into four focus areas:
Institutions: Significance and Speculative Future
The Opposition of Binary
Object: Value, Transaction, Otherness


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