Schneller als die Sonne. Aus dem rasenden Stillstand in eine unbekannte Zukunft

Artists and Van Eyck advisor Hans-Christian Dany presents his book:
Schneller als die Sonne. Aus dem rasenden Stillstand in eine unbekannte Zukunft (Faster than the sun. Leaving the frantic standstill for an unknown future)

We live in a society of over-security. Everything should be transparent, every slightly intransparent possibility of change is seen as a menace. The alleged increase in speed that we seem to observe everywhere is only make-believe – it is an ever faster and faster repetition of the past. We speed up running in our rotating treadmills, only to satisfy the society’s demands.

Why does it seem so menacing to leave the treadmill? When, and why, did the future shrink into a pessimism?

Instead of a daring to move towards the unknown, the cybernetic society of control allows only moves towards a probable future that has been calculated as being the most likely repetition of the past.

But the future can only be unknown – and can anything be more seducing than a secret? Or is it that maybe only those can arrive at a better world who give up wanting to know beforehand how this better world will look like?

„Schneller als die Sonne“ is the suite to the very succesful book „Morgen werde ich Idiot“. Hans-Christian Dany looks for practicable courses of action and pleads for loss of control and to open up towards the unthinkable. »Schneller als die Sonne« takes the opposite position to the technology minded accelerationism. The book is a political interpretation of speculative realism that is much more that academic marxism.

128 pages
€ 12,90
ISBN 978-3-89401-826-9

The book will be presented at Pro qm  Berlin, on 20 October 2015 at 20:30


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