05.12.13 – 31.12.69

Solo Show Vijai Patchineelam Wild Attacks of Cynicism at Ignacio Liprandi Gallery, Buenos Aires

Participant Vijai Patchineelam is showing Wild Attacks of Cynicism at Ignacio Liprandi Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Wild Attacks of Cynicism presents new photographs, a photo book and two new videos by Brazilian artist Vijai Patchineelam. The works oscillate between images taken from the routine of an urban city and the confines of a private space. Such as the video Hemispatial Neglect that shows scenes of daily life in a undisclosed South American metropolis where violence and neglect have become part of the landscape. Or the large photograph Arthur where the body of a man crouches still next to a painting. These works looks to anticipate a cynic spectator not by confrontation but through different ways of repositioning the viewer.

More info: www.ignacioliprandi.com


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