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Sonja Lau curates FIEND, National Theatre Tirana, Albania, 29 July 2013

Sonja Lau curates FIEND, National Theatre Tirana, Albania, 29 July 2013

Van Eyck participant Sonja Lau curates FIEND, a unique collaboration between artist Armando Lulaj and pianist and AMM pioneer John Tilbury. The project owes its title to the very first Western covert operation behind the Iron Curtain “Valuable/Fiend,” carried out in Albania from 1949 to 1953 and notorious for its failure. In these present days of investigation into the Wikileaks disclosures and the Snowden trial, FIEND presents the first artistic (re)action by digging into those data.

A piece for one voice and a piano, FIEND essentially imbricates two performances into one. Utilizing the stage of the National Theatre as an archaic structure of uttering truths by means of pathos and illusion, Classified Cables by Armando Lulaj takes a selection of 452 Wikileaks files for a monologue recitation.Simultaneously unfolding on stage, John Tilbury will add to, interfere with and oppose the artist’s reading with the 21 Seconds Piece, a new work for piano especially composed for this event. Sitting back to back with Lulaj, the pianist faces the dark void of the stage throughout the performance, drawing upon the artist’s voice as the only hook from which to develop his perpetually altering piece over the course of two hours.

FIEND - Classified Cables and 21 Seconds Piece
July 29, 2013, 8pm
National Theater, Tirana
Rruga Sermedin Said Toptani
 1000 Tirana, Albania
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