The Materiality of the Invisible Talk - with Professor Michael Shanks

Donderdag 31 augustus 2017
11.00 - 12.00 uur
Locatie: auditorium
Toegang gratis

A conversation between Michael Shanks and artists and archaeologists involved in the EU project NEARCH - New scenarios for a community-involved archaeology in the framework of the exhibition The Materiality of the Invisible. They will speak about their experience in working together and discuss the parallels between contemporary archaeology and contemporary art. Questions that will be raised: What can archaeologists learn from the imaginative capacity and the research methods of artists? What do the artistic imagination and the “archaeological imagination” (Michael Shanks) have in common? Can the involvement of an artist in an archaeological study yield new observations?
Huib Haye van der Werf, head of artistic programme of the Van Eyck, will moderate the talk.

Michael Shanks  –  Archaeologist and Professor of Classics at Stanford University

Kai Salas Rossenbach (Inrap, Paris) –  Archaeologist and General Manager NEARCH project

Felipe Criado-Boado – Archaeologist, Professor at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Director of the Institute of Heritage Sciences (INCIPIT/CSIC), Santiago de Compostela, Spain, and President of the EAA

Artists Joey Bryniarska, Klaas van Gorkum and Matthew C. Wilson


Image: Joey Bryniarska 
and Martin Westwood, dd /U/mm/yyyy, 2017


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