19.12.14 – 15.03.15

The Future is Now

Van Eyck participant Hyesoo Park takes part in the group show The Future is Now at the Maxxi Museum (Rome/Italy)

Over forty video works and media installations tell the story of the Korean New Media Art scene, from the early works by Nam June Paik, to the experiments carried out in the 1980s, by way of the digital revolution and the cultural changes triggered by the Internet and the social networks. THE FUTURE IS NOW, presents MMCA’s New Media Art collection with the aim of reflecting on the “futures” by analyzing New Media Art ever since it was founded in 1987 to the present day.

Hyesoo Park is an artist who explores the substance of life and the meaning of art through many condition: things that are seen and unseen; things that endure time and cannot; empathy and disruption; expectation and disappointment; remembrance and forgetfulness, such things we experience in our lives. Father's Time reminisces the weight that the name father carries and the time spent with them. Furthermore, it's a sweet song dedicated to those before being a father, who were to love and were loved as a human being, also those to comfort and who should have been comforted.

More info: http://www.phsoo.com/189396


Van Eyck Academie

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