Things to Remember (Page Not Found)

Van Eyck deelnemer Radna Rumping presenteert op donderdag 17 november haar publicatie Things to Remember (Page Not Found) in kunstboekhandel San Serriffe in Amsterdam. De publicatie is geprint in het Charles Nypels Lab van de Van Eyck.

Over Things to Remember (Page Not Found)
How are digital media, endless storage space and new ways of communicating shaping the way we capture, share and retrieve our personal memories? For one month, the exhibition Things to Remember (Page Not Found), curated by Radna Rumping, invited artists, speakers and visitors to reflect on this in the former studio of Gisèle van Waterschoot van der Gracht at Castrum Peregrini in Amsterdam.

The publication of Things to Remember (Page Not Found), designed by Dayna Casey and printed at Charles Nypels Lab (Van Eyck), not only serves as a reminder of the exhibition, but also shares thoughts about personal memory today, the value of forgetting and the dissident power of melancholia, through interviews and texts by Amie Dicke, Antoine Viviani, Bas Groes and Sands Murray-Wassink. 

Launch event:
Melancholic Bundt Cake #4:
by Sands Murray-Wassink and Maria Guggenbichler:

In a joint effort, Sands Murray-Wassink & Maria Guggenbichler will bake and frost the final Melancholic Bundt cake in the series of four, inviting all in attendance to share in the upper lower class sweetness of baked cake mix and store bought icing. Memory as cyclic and layered, and with the perspective of time as form, Sands will give a text blessing on the cake with music, sound, and an image sequence from his recent trip to Topeka, Kansas and New York City. Bittersweet tears of history’s momentum inform the derelict vistas & landscapes of youth and upbringing, as the same realities look increasingly different and dreamy the longer time goes on…


Launch publication: Things to Remember (Page Not Found)
17 November, 20.00 - 22.00

San Serriffe art book shop
Sint Annenstraat 30, Amsterdam


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